Frequently asked

With Fitlov, our trainers come to you, anytime, anywhere. This means you can book them for training at your community gym, at your home, outdoors or in any of our partner gyms in Dubai. Save time commuting to the gym, so you can spend that time training with top-rated coaches.

It depends on the trainer you choose and the number of sessions you commit to. Our standard trainers have packages that start from AED 200 (for 30+ sessions) and go all the way to AED 300 for single sessions. We also have pro trainers that have their own packages and prices.

We have 300+ trainers in our platform, from more than 60 nationalities and speaking 80+ languages. There is a trainer for everyone, so if you have any preference on nationality you can simply choose the trainers that will match better with you. And hey, you can change trainers anytime if you are not satisfied, no questions asked.

Fitlov has +300 certified trainers registered in the UAE, covering all types of disciplines and workouts. To book a personal trainer, you can directly contact us or download our app to browse trainers near your location and find your best match. Fitlov gives you flexibility to try any trainer and change trainers if you are not satisfied, no questions asked. Is personal training worth it?

A personal trainer can be your best supporter on your fitness journey. Their support, expertise, and advice are crucial in staying highly motivated, consistent and avoiding injury. Plus, they will develop a set of personalized exercises that works for YOUR body and help you target those areas you want to improve. To book a personal trainer, you can directly contact our customer service or download our app to find trainers near your location and book your best match

In the UAE the price for in person training is between AED 200 and AED 400. The price highly depends on the number of sessions you pay in advance, level or trainer’s expertise and certifications held (pro or elite trainer) and the region. To learn how much it will cost to hire a personal trainer near your location, please contact our customer service or download our app to find trainers near your location and book your best match.

A personal trainer can help you reach your fitness goals faster, by creating specific set of workouts and diet that works great for your body. If you have fitness goals that you’re having trouble accomplishing on your own, hiring a personal trainer can be worth the money. Also, working out with a personal trainer can assist you choose fitness routines that you will have fun with.

You can book a private in-person session to your home or any location within UAE. When placing an in-person booking you will be prompted to add in the session location, this will then show you all off the trainers available to you in your chosen area. Your trainer will then come to you to deliver your one-hour private session at the confirmed time and date. If you have a goal in mind or any injuries please include this in the notes section when placing your booking. No equipment is required for the session, however, if you have a mat available this is recommended.

You can see all Fitlov trainer profiles in our app . If you are looking to book an in-person session, we recommend that you first input your location for the session so you only see the trainers local to you. Trainer profiles include everything you need to know about our trainers including bio, certificates and client reviews. If you have any question regarding their availability please contact a member of the Fitlov support team who will be able to help you with your selection. The Fitlov team meets and trains with all of our trainers so they can provide you with honest and insightful information around each trainer’s specific training session style.

No, our personal trainers can bring all the necessary equipment to do an awesome workout at your place, whether you have a full-fledge gym or you have no equipment whatsoever. Just wear sports clothes, have some water with you and a towel, and if you have a fitness mat please bring it. In any case our trainers will ask you first what equipment you have so they can decide what to bring.

In a few words: because we have the best professionals available at your fingertips. We recruit the best talent in fitness simply because we pay our trainers +50% more than the market. And we bring all that talent to you in a user-friendly app where you can find and book anything within a few clicks. In addition you have our customer success team available for you any day of the week, so we will help you out throughout your entire fitness journey.

It will depend on how frequent you train and how is your lifestyle, our coaches will put together a plan to achieve results as fast as possible. Most of our clients see results after 4 weeks of training; after 8 weeks it becomes obvious for your friends & family that your body has changed, and after 12 weeks if you have been consistent your body will look completely different.