FITLOV | Swimming Lessons


Dive into an exercise that benefits the whole body! Join Fitlov’s swimming lessons for an overall body transformation.
While being in the water might come naturally for some of us, one in five adults do not know how to swim. Here’s why and how it might be a good idea to start to learn how to swim and if you already swim keep reading, something about the sport might surprise you!

Let’s start with the basics!

What is swimming?

The sport of swimming involves an individual or a team to race while moving through water. Swimming requires the use of your whole body moving through any water source whether it being in pools or open water.

If you are more of the competitive swimmer kind rather than just rela ing in the water, then there are various strokes you can add to your swimming workout.

These strokes are namely, freestyle, butterfly, breaststroke, backstroke and sidestroke. The strokes not only make it more fun but also are a great way to burn a ton of calories!

Rules of swimming

Before swimming it is important to take a shower or dip your feet in the water to reduce the risk of germs or bacteria sticking to you. For the safety of yourself as well as others, do not run or jump from the edge of the pool, always use the ladder to get into the water.

If you are enrolled in a swim competition, you could be racing against 7 to 9 opponents. The race will be divided according to the type of stroke and based on your performance you will then advance to the ne t round.

It is always essential to do a 10 to 15 min stretch before participating in the sport whether inside or outside of a competition. This is to prevent any cramps or injuries while swimming.

Benefits of swimming

One of the biggest benefits you can get from the sport as mentioned earlier, is that it works your entire body. However, let’s look deeper into some of the other benefits swimming gives.

It is good for your muscles and joints because of the weightlessness of the e ercise.

Builds endurance and strength.

Improves lung capacity.

Tones your muscles and helps lose body fat.

It is a peaceful e ercise, therefore reduces stress.

It is a safe cardiovascular e ercise that builds a healthy heart.

It can also be beneficial towards repair and rehabilitation of torn muscles or other injuries.

The list goes on but you get the point. Swimming also burns a ton of calories! So if you are finding a way to get leaner quicker, this sport is for you.