Fitlov | Nutrition Support and Progress Tracking

All our training plans include dedicated support from OUR HEAD NUTRITIONIST.

We are here to help you achieve your body goals, not only with a certified personal trainer but also finding the right diet and eating habits. A well-tailored nutrition program will make 80% of your progress towards your body transformation goals.

Nutrition = 80% of your progress

You are not subscribing to personal training sessions, you are subscribing to a transformation plan!

OUR DUBAI NUTRITIONIST will work with you in setting your monthly goals and will track your progress periodically.

FITLOV methodology tracks your weight, body fat and body measurements and makes it easily visualized in your app dashboard.

OUR TRAINING PROGRAMS include one face-to-face check-up with our nutritionist and an open line to ask any questions you might have regarding your nutrition and progress.

YOU will receive a personalized nutrition guide upon your first consultation with our nutritionist that will help you choose the right food, quantities and macros for your specific needs.


We offer 5 types of
transformation PROGRAMS


Aims to help you drop excessive weight to reach healthier levels and look better.


Aims to help you lose extra fat/weight to uncover your muscles.


Aims to help you lose fat and gain muscle definition.


Aims to help you build strength and significant muscle mass.


Aims to establish balanced eating habits and maintain healthy body composition.

Beyond our nutrition support for our transformation plans,
we offer a wide-range of nutrition services:

Diet Plans
Weight Loss Programs
Personal Nutrition Coaching
Nutritionist Consultations
Sports Nutrition
Keto Diet
Intermittent Fasting
Women’s Health and Pregnancy
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)