Many people struggle to lose weight and get their desired results.

Fitlov helped thousands of clients transform their body and achieve their goals

Get Healthier. Feel Better. Do More

At Fitlov, we believe in taking a scientific approach to weight loss to provide you with maximum results within minimum time.
And you can reach your fitness goals with our skilled and experienced personal trainers.


  • Tracking progress by every metric at our disposal to give detailed and quantifiable results.
  • Our results-driven program promises positive outcomes at a minimum amount of time.
  • Personal and in-depth training program tailored to clients’ health history, current fitness level, and goal.
  • Training wherever and whenever you want.



Your success is our success. We are 100% committed to helping you achieve extraordinary results. Check out some of our reviews below!

Success Stories

Maria Aguilar

“I had just given up on myself when my husband came to me with a Fitlov gift card, I wasn’t sure, I resisted at first but then gave it a try. It wasn’t an easy journey; it was a rollercoaster, but Fitlov never left my side. My trainer was there pushing me on every session, my nutritionist was guiding me through out. I have a lot more to do, but for once I have hope

Rola Baki

“My weight loss journey started in November 2020, after COVID, I gained a lot of weight, tried out everything possible and literally nothing worked. I finally decided to reach out for help and came across Fitlov, from the first call and I knew that’s the kind of team I need. I have managed to lose 6 kgs so far, I feel a lot more comfortable and happier about myself.”

Rayan Bou Hamdan

“We all need help in life and when I finally asked for it, I managed to go places I haven’t explored before. Having a trainer from Fitlov help me learn few things:

  1. It’s ok to struggle with weight loss, many around you feel the same
  2. Exercising alone won’t solve it, you need to be mindful of what you eat
  3. You need to have a healthy relationship with food