FITLOV | Kickboxing Workout & MMA

Kickboxing and MMA

If you’re stuck in a training rut or searching for a new way to stay motivated, try incorporating a high-intensity kickboxing workout into your regimen. Kickboxing classes mix martial arts principles with high-intensity cardio, allowing you to receive a full-body workout and get in shape quickly.

Whether you’re new to fitness or a seasoned gym goer, a kickboxing workout at least once a week will help you re-energize and get out of a rut. The following are some advantages of kickboxing workouts:

1. Reduce Stress

You can kick and punch your way to a stress-free zone within minutes of your high-energy kickboxing exercise. Kickboxing’s movements work several core muscle groups and provide a high-intensity total-body workout in a short amount of time.

2. Increased Cooperation

You can strengthen your ‘core’ and improve your reflexes and coordination skills if you have challenges with posture and coordination. The quick punches and kicks in the kickboxing exercise will allow you to focus your energy in order to correctly complete each movement.

3. The Most Effective Cross-Training Workout

Kickboxing is an excellent cross-training workout if you’ve been hammering on the treadmill for several weeks and need a break from your typical cardio program. Wear wrist weights or ankle weights to add some resistance, or just put on a pair of lightweight boxing gloves for added resistance.

4. Improved Posture

Kickboxing routines will target numerous muscle groups that don’t get enough attention throughout the day, and you’ll start to build up your core if you’re slumped over a computer all day. Kickboxing workouts target the core muscles in and around your abdominal wall since you need to engage your waist and abs for balance and to perform each perfectly coordinated action.