Bulking vs toning: here is the full truth

“I want to tone” without “bulking”: that’s a common dilemma. How to we achieve our ideal fitness results? With a mixture of targeted exercises and good diet… read on to find the full truth behind toning and bulking

How long should a workout be?

There isn’t just one way to workout so why should how long we workout for be the same? How long should a person workout for? That is entirely dependent on the person in question and what they are aiming to achieve.

Bicep training: 10 workouts you can’t miss

What is the key to building better and bigger biceps? Curling a barbell and whipping out the chin-up bar might be some of the most popular bicep building exercises, but are they the most effective? What other muscle-building movements can we take advantage of to build our biceps?

Diet VS Lifestyle

Can one lose weight without a diet? The word “diet” in itself is misleading and implies restrictions that are hard to maintain long term. Try and focus on a lifestyle change instead…