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Get your gloves on! It’s time to get strong.

With a long history of combat sport, boxing has become a multi-million dollar industry. However, there is much more to boxing than what meets the eye.
Physically, the sport is known for targeting your back, shoulders, core, and legs through intense cardio and strength training exercises.
The most intriguing aspects of this sport is that it helps build stamina, hand to eye coordination, improves discipline and teaches self-defense.
If you need more convincing, continue reading to know all about the goodness of taking up boxing as your next workout!

Relatively, boxing is an overall sport that tones every muscle group in the body. It is a highly recommended and challenging workout for both men and women. Though the spirit of the sport is more than enough to get you in the ring, there is specific equipment that is needed to keep you safe as it is a fast paced and high contact sport. This usually means the use of wrist straps, boxing gloves and shoes and other protective gear.

To get into boxing, you need to have good knowledge of the different boxing techniques used for an efficient workout. A few of them are listed below;

  1. Stance: Your stance is known as your homebase, where you feel the most comfortable. A good stance gives you power, flexibility, range, stability and focus.
  2. Jab: A jab is a straight extension of your hand into a punch to your opponent. This particular move builds strength and power.
  3. Hook: The hook is the knockout punch which is usually targeted to the head or the body. This move helps connect your back hand to your face which pushes power and defense

Boxing is an easy and inexpensive sport to start with. You don’t need any fancy gears and equipment when you’re just starting out. However, it is important that you are protected when training. To ensure you are performing your best, Fitlov offers a wide range of inexpensive training sessions along with the supportive gear needed for the full experience.

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